Rancho San Clemente

About Rancho San Clemente

Rancho San Clemente is an area located on the east side of the freeway just above the San Clemente High School. Most of the homes in this area are well designed Spanish & Mediterranean style single-family homes, many with ocean views.

Rancho San Clemente has a premier location on top of the ridge. Because of its location, many of the homes here have nice sunset views, and some have Catalina island views.

Most of the streets in Ranch San Clemente are single load streets, and many are cul-de-sac streets, this makes for a quiet private community.

The Rancho San Clemente area has two parks, Rancho San Clemente Park and dog park.

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Population by Age Level. Median Age 40.14. Households: 2,078.

In Thousand of Dollars. (Median Income: $71,450)

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